Three Of The Most Resilient Careers You Should Consider Pursuing During The Covid-19 Pandemic

During a global pandemic, it can be easy to believe that there is no good option in the job market. Millions have been laid off and the pandemic hasn’t even finished running its course as of now. Rest assured, however, that there are steps you can take to secure a lucrative career during these challenging times.

The first and perhaps most important step, though, is identifying which careers are set to survive this pandemic. For the most part, tech-based jobs are the answer to all of your problems. Technology is a force of change and has slowly been merging with the workforce for a number of years. The recent prevalence of remote work has only accelerated this merger and has made clear which careers are set to survive long into the future of work.

Full Stack Development

When it comes to resilient careers that will set you up perfectly for the future of work, full-stack development is certainly an option to consider. For those unfamiliar, full stack development encompasses both front and back-end development. This means professionals within this industry build website from scratch and all the components that someone may interact with.

As covered by the Bureau of Labor Statstics, web developers are expected to see an 8 percent growth over the next few years. This growth is remarkable compared to some fields and shows just how important this profession is becoming. For the most part, web developers are going to be needed by almost every company in the future of work.

Companies are increasingly moving online, influenced by the onset of remote work due to Covid-19. This trend is resulting in companies requiring talented professionals to create their online presence for them so that they can succeed in their online business objectives. Due to this, full-stack development is a field that should be pursued by anyone and can be done by attending a coding Bootcamp near you. 

Data Science

Becoming a data scientist is a great strategy for anyone who is looking for a career that can propel them into the future of work. Data scientists specialize in analyzing huge chunks of data and pulling key information that can be given to business executives for the purpose of making business decisions. 

Without data scientists, massive amounts of data would go without a purpose. Any company hoping to survive in the future of work will need to have skilled data scientists guiding their business in order to decipher the digital space. Becoming a data scientist used to require a master’s degree, but this barrier to entry has actually been reduced due to technology.

Attending a data science Bootcamp is a great way to enter this field. You will need to have knowledge of data analytics and an eye for patterns to succeed in this field, but anybody of any age can learn the skills needed to accomplish this. Don’t hesitate to enter the field if you are looking for work that will build a great career for years to come. 

Software Engineering

As a whole, software engineering is a field that will last for years to come. In short, software engineers can run the gamut from programming websites to even ethical hacking. Truly a jack of all trades, becoming a software engineer is a great tactic for anyone looking into resilient jobs amidst Covid-19. 

Becoming a software engineer is likely the most difficult career on this list, but the intense time period it takes to learn this field rewards you with a lucrative salary. There is also bound to be a growing need for software engineers as the number of computers and businesses moving online increases as well. 


Picking a career during a global pandemic is no easy decision. You want to land a job that will provide a lucrative salary and work for years to come, but so many fields have been disrupted by the changes in the workforce. Picking the right path and sticking with it can seem difficult when you don’t even know where to start. Keeping that in mind, follow some of the above career paths in order to elevate your work life and set yourself up for years to come.

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