5 tips to improve your company page on LinkedIn

Does your LinkedIn company page not get the results you want? Would you like to know what to do to improve it? We have separated five tips that can help you in this regard.


Why have a company page?

The company page is your company’s page, using LinkedIn for business. The network is constantly growing, and if you have not yet joined it, we strongly recommend that you create a page for your business in the media, following our tips to maximize it from the beginning.

If you already have one, but you’re not getting the results you want, you’re probably not working the company page as you should. After all, the possibilities are varied, such as presenting the characteristics and differentials of your business, managing ads, capturing ideas for your company, and data to know your target audience, in addition to displaying products and services in a dynamic and innovative way.

How to improve your company page on LinkedIn?

If you have not had significant positive changes by using your company page on LinkedIn, there is no reason to be discouraged. On the contrary: with dedication, you will be able to walk paths full of possibilities and success. Let’s go to the tips?

Have a personal profile and a company page?

In addition to creating and feeding your company profile on LinkedIn, you need to have a personal account, with first and last name, your education, and other professional data that you find relevant to add.

Both profiles must be active and updated regularly, with multiple connections. The strength of the company page must be an intermediate or champion profile. So, work to get there.

Display your data on the business page?

As you work at the company, regardless of your position, your name must be listed there, as well as the name of the company in your personal profile specifications. Make it evident in the experiences of the individual account.

Attention to linked email

The email of your business page (and preferably the personal one) must be corporate. Example: yourname@nameofyourcompany.com . After adding, confirm on the LinkedIn account. As you can see, the domain must be its own, and not generic, like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and the like.

Turbine your page

Create a showcase, that is, pages visible in the right corner of LinkedIn, to promote products or services. Thus, you expand the contact with your connections, connecting your employees and target audience, generating mass dissemination of content.

The company page can appear in Google results, so it is essential to follow SEO strategies, such as optimizing the URL and promoting content marketing. You can post ads organically or sponsor as well.

Measure the results

Every strategy needs to be measured, and the actions on LinkedIn are no different. Analyze the results and make adjustments whenever necessary, and you can see improvements in your business.

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