7 Most Expensive Logos In The World

Branding and logo design is one among the foremost vital a part of a successful organization’s corporate identity. An iconic brand logo should incorporate its philosophy and essence. The logo isn’t just a logo, it’s a thought, and a bundle of data reflected in colors and features.

You will be surprised to seek out out what proportion of money a number of the foremost outstanding brands within the world have invested for their logo design or re-branding throughout the years.

1. BP logo cost: $211,000,000

The BP logo was surprisingly redesigned by Landor Associates back in 2008, well, in my opinion, the branding of BP was quite difficult. But Landor associates had done a really nice job by making a singular brand of BP. Landor faces the challenge by competing already established 4 companies within the same field.

2. Accenture logo: $100,000,000

the brand is extremely simple with a pure text, but the forward mark turns the brand to be the foremost powerful and nice concept. The forward mark signifies the signifies of the corporate in the near future.

Accenture may be a multinational technology service, service industry, and outsourcing company. In 2000, Andersen Consulting terminated its contract with the Andersen accounting group and therefore the consulting firm was thus forced to vary its name. They replaced their signature name with Accenture, which was meant to convey the message “accent on the future”.

3. Posten Norge Logo Cost: $55,000,000

Posten Norge may be a company providing postal services in Norway. it’s headquartered within the capital of Oslo. ‘Posten’ literally means post in Nordic languages. In 2008

The corporate launched a huge rebranding campaign that cost 300 million Norwegian kroner and included an entirely new logo and marketing strategies. The campaign successfully created positive brand awareness among the users and clients of Posten Norge.

4. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) logo

The ANZ is the biggest bank in New Zealand and 3rd biggest in Australia. The venture company ANZ Corporation took two years for his or her rebranding campaign. The said campaign started in 2010 and led to 2012, costing the corporate around $15 million. The figure isn’t only for the brand, except for the whole marketing drive. Many sycophants haven’t any problem with this sort of massive spending on logo and rebranding. The strapline of the brand is “We sleep in your world.”

5. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) logo Cost: $1,800,000

The British Broadcasting Corporation, one among the most important media groups within the world, spent quite 1,000,000 dollars for its present logo rebranding. the brand uses clear letters ‘BBC’ in square boxes that are the universally popular identity of the London-based network. The record of the longest on-screen used logo is again held by BBC that was used from 1971 till 1988.

 6. Pepsi logo: $1,000,000

The current logo of Pepsi has little alteration from its previous logo. Although keeping its basic colors red, white, and blue intact; the prevailing logo changed the symmetry of the color distribution. The parallel curves of the old logo gave way for brand spanking new geometrical curves. There was a rumor that Pepsi Inc. tried to match the timeless aura of Coca-Cola’s logo that has carved a distinct segment for itself. Many believe that the new Pepsi logo was just an effort to showcase the flagship war among Cola brands. Nonetheless, it’s cost Pepsi $1 million.

7. London 2012 Olympics logo: $625,000

The logo for London Olympics was designed by Wolf Olins. When the brand was unveiled in 2007, it had been widely criticized by citizens including the mayor, for its pathetic design and ‘non-reflection of any of London’s cultural monuments’. Amidst all these controversies, the ‘bad’ logo was worth $625,000. “My 5-year-old kid draws better than this” was an anonymous comment for the most expensive Olympic logo ever.

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